What You Should Be Asking Yourself When Throwing A Party For Your Child

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Birthday parties are not only the joyous celebratory moments in any person’s life, but also one of the most memorable days ever. Each year you are growing and living a little bit more in this world, and so, to share this joy with everyone else it is only natural that you throw a party! When it comes to throwing such a party for your child, as a parent there is a lot you need to think about. So here are some tips to guide you through and host a memorable and fun party for you baby.

When should I throw a party?

As a child do you ever remember your first birthday? May be not, but you might remember that fourth birthday where you dunked your head in the cake or that fifth birthday where you set aunty Linda’s tablecloth on fire or that sixth birthday where you poured drinks over Mike that was being a brat. Regardless of what you might have done, the point here is that it is only after the age of four that a child is actually able to understand and realize things better. However, as a parent it is only natural that you would want to celebrate your baby’s first birthday so go ahead and go crazy with all the planning and anticipations of organic baby gifts Australia, but don’t expect them to remember any of it!

Do I need to invite Bert just because my Ernie went to his party?

Well if Ernie is still close with Bert and are still friends for life, then you can jolly well go ahead and invite Bert for Ernie’s party. However, if their relationship isn’t as what you expected it to be then know that you aren’t really obligated to invite Bert. Ernie was once invited, he took a gift along with him and that’s the end. Inviting Bert for Ernie’s party if they aren’t friends, is only going to make Ernie feel uncomfortable and on a birthday that is the last thing you want to feel. So talk to Ernie ask him what he thinks of it and then go ahead with whatever the plan might be.

Do I need to beat Showy Sharon?

All parents might come across this one other parent who always tries to top their previous year parties, stylish baby gifts or anything general. This act of theirs shouldn’t really bother you because after all this is a day for celebration. So if your child is happy with store bought cupcakes and a couple balloons then that is ALRIGHT! Ask yourself these questions when you are planning out your child’s party and be smart about what you are going to do about it!

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